GitHub Game Off Week#1

Hello Friends!

Week One is coming to a close, and I wonder how everyone else is doing on their Projects for the GitHub Game Off? Our first week has been pretty productive, at least in our opinion. We wanted to give everyone a peek at how things are going and how the first week has been.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind these two things (both for ourselves and for those who are viewing): This is our first Game Jam, and this is the first real game we have ever made. I've made a wonky pong clone in the past, and maybe we can post it on here at another time.

We spent our time and energy this week on two things: Brainstorming and Learning.


By far the easiest of all the tasks for me, my biggest problem with brainstorming is often coming up with too many ideas and never pinning one thing down. So this week, especially the first 3 or 4 days, I ran through all sorts of ideas and even asked my wife to see how they sounded. My first idea I actually ended up scrapping for my 4th idea. After I had settled on the 4th idea which we now know as Thröbak, I then began fleshing out details. Herein lies my second problem: Feature creep. I have so many ideas of what can be accomplished in this game that it goes beyond the scope of a one month game jam. So now my job is to rain myself in and think "What can I really do in one month?" This question is vital for me because I have no experience making games. So I really don't know what I am doing. Seriously. :(


But that's why I spent the majority of the first week learning. I have decided to develop my game using the Godot engine, so I poured myself into the documentation at every free moment to familiarize myself with it. Am I a master? No. Am I adept? No. But I am better off than when I originally found myself.

What is on the agenda for week 2? More Learning! Also working out game mechanics and getting a Minimal Viable Product.

What Is Thröbak?

That is a good question! As we all know, the theme for the 2017 GitHub Game Off is Throwback. Synonyms that come to mind for most are things like retro, nostalgic, etc. But I wanted to think outside the Throwback Thursday. So I took a more literal approach. My first thoughts where of throwing your back out. So I came up with a granny racing game. Then came the idea of a moving company(which I still may use) and then a packing company that specializes in retro hardware. But then finally came my shining light: A game that involves dwarves throwing back a pint of beer and then throwing hammers behind their back. And thus, after refining and smelting down into its purist essence: Thröbak: A Dwarven Sport was born. But why is it called Thröbak? Why do the dwarves play it? What are the rules? I'll let Flavulus Restilus II explain that one for you.

Stay tuned for Flavulus' fabulous article on the lore of Thröbak.

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